Collaborative excellence, across the board

Through Rajah & Tann Shanghai, clients have access to our high quality service right across the commercial spectrum.

Just as important is our collective strength. Working together, across practices and territories, we're able to provide solutions which are not just better and more incisive, but which are innovative and practical.

In conjunction with our Singapore office, our other regional offices and regional desks, we can help you achieve your business objectives, both in China and throughout Asia.

Practice Areas

Capital Markets and Mergers & Acquisitions: Large in size and broad in the scope of practice, providing corporate clients from various industries with financing services of various stages as well as one-stop services. Scope of practice covers merger and acquisition, business, finance and capital market, corporate service, derivatives, fund management and investment consultancy, taxation and venture capital.  

Shipping & International Trade: One of the largest shipping practices in Asia, scope of practice covers litigation and non-litigation cases involving marine casualties, pollution, charter parties and freight claims.

Restructuring & Insolvency: Focusing on legal aspects of banking and financial disputes, corporate insolvency, business consultancy, debt negotiation, scheme of arrangement and enforcement of indebtedness, the largest practice of its kind in Singapore.

Commercial Litigation/International Arbitration: One of the largest dispute resolution practices in Singapore, having dealt with a number of high-profile cases which became precedent for future reference, and regional and domestic arbitration cases with amount in dispute up to several billions.

Banking & Finance: Providing full banking and financial legal services, including organizing loan transactions and debt issues, asset securitization, project financing and merger and acquisition of banks.  

Employment: We have extensive knowledge and experience in handling all types of labour issues in the context of business transactions and daily operations, including drafting, revising and negotiating the Employee Handbook, Employment Contract, Non-compete Contract, Invention Assignment Agreement, and advising on the employee transfer and lay-offs etc.

Insurance and Reinsurance: Full practice covering all aspects of legal services, including advising on and drafting new policies, improving existing policies, claims and damages, and various aspects of business and regulation. Having acted for local and foreign companies in Singapore, as well as foreign insurers, reinsurers and Lloyd’s Syndicates.

Intellectual Property, Technology, Media & Telecommunications: The Only full range legal practice integrating IP, technology, entertainment and telecommunication, with lawyers and experts in various special fields whose extensive legal and industrial knowledge, skill and experience complement each other.    

Construction & Projects: Dealing with construction, infrastructure and international arbitration in Asia, including various aspects of construction legal services, from front desk work to contract management and dispute.  

Real Estate: Providing full range services in connection with real estate transactions, from traditional property conveyance to other aspects of property-related areas, such as sale and purchase by way of property assignment deed, auction or tender, including individual and collective transactions. Also dealing with mortgage sales and sales by judicial managers, receivers and liquidators.